Training and Learning Resources for Genetic Counselling Educators and Students

Resources for students and educators working in genetic counselling

Whether you are considering a career in Genetic Counselling, or working as an educator and looking for support to explain the impact of the discipline, here is a collection of resources showcasing current research and practical information to help you succeed.

Free and accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world, our resources, many created in collaboration with esteemed academic institutions, expert healthcare professionals, and patient groups, demonstrate the increasing importance of the profession and the value of research in evolving clinical practice.

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What is a genetic counsellor?

Voices of Genetic Counsellors

A film series exploring the role of the genetic counsellor through the voice of those working in the field. Personal stories highlight the skills and expertise necessary to accelerate the implementation of genomics into clinical practice, and empower patients to make decisions about genetic information that are right for them. Discover how your skills can make an impact!

The Evolution of the Genetic Counselling Profession

A brand new film series offering a unique reflection on how the Genetic Counselling profession has evolved, through recollections of those who were involved at the early stages. Join Christine Patch, Principal Staff Scientist in Genomic Counselling, Wellcome Connecting Science Engagement and Society), for candid conversations about the development of this exciting field, now at the forefront of implementation of genomics into clinical practice.

Latest research

Your DNA, Your Say

Discover more about global public attitudes towards genomic data sharing, from the insights delivered from the ‘Your Say, Your DNA’ world-wide online survey, spearheaded by WCS Engagement and Society and Genomics England.

Music of Life

What happens if you imagine DNA, genes and chromosomes as musical notes, songs and albums? Discover how lively and appealing metaphors based around the theme of music can help patients wade into genetics, an area that has all too often been opaque to non-experts.

Free learning tools

What is Genetic Counselling?

A free online course, developed by the Wellcome Connecting Science Courses and Conferences team, and delivered in partnership with FutureLearn.

Designed for healthcare professionals, clinicians, biomedical research scientists, and anyone curious about Genetic Counselling, this flexible course enables you to learn more about what you need to become a successful Genetic Counsellor. Led by leading Genetic Counselling Professionals, you will receive a fundamental grounding in Genetic Counselling and the era of genomics.

A free certificate is available on successful completion.

Open for access throughout the year – join anytime.

Genomic Practice for Genetic Counsellors (Virtual)

31 January–02 February 2022
A Wellcome Connecting Science workshop that aims to meet the training needs of genetic counsellors as they upskill in response to the roll-out of genomic sequencing in the clinic.

Applications open until 30 November. Bursaries available.

How to Teach Genomics: A Workshop for Nursing and Midwifery Educators

11-14 July 2022 Opens for applications and bursaries soon. To be the first to here about content and places, email to be added to the course mailing list, here.

Genetic Counselling in Action (Video showcase)