The ‘Making Of’ GeneTube Project

Here is a little film that gives an overview of what we did in the Socialising the Genome project. Julian Borra and I grapple with how to turn themes from the 5 Focus Groups into creative narrative that we hope will resonate. Does it work or not? We are waiting to find out via the website that Fabrika have designed for us, here we ask anyone and everyone to watch the films and share their feedback on them. The whole aim of this project is to see if there are particular metaphors or ideas that are useful hooks to start a conversation about genomics.

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  1. Hi I find Rhonda Patrick and her web site very effective in her presentation of issues to the informed public. She is APOE3-4 and admits to her own concerns. Which is a better view point that we seldom see from some health practitioners on the topic. I do support the formal position of AZ societies, they represent a population at risk, and in Europe there is not legal protection, just a veil of ignorance to protect the APOE risk populations. I have been commented to KOLs that between a formal position and the need to motivate the at risk population to take lifestyle change is a large and very fruitful terrain for discussion and action. Personally I am APOE3-3, but I have discussed personal genomics with over 100 well informed people, all pre-genomic people. Many are at risk, and they need good advice to take the actions that help them and their children and family, to protect and survive only wisdom and intelligence helps. I am FVL, I had the local health service fail me on the diet issues of Vit. K, and I see the risk of being post genomic, but a veil of ignorance is not the solution. While it maybe the solution European health systems and health policies take as the default. Information protects from pathogens not ignorance. We need more Rhondas’ to speak openly to each nation in its own language.

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