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  1. Hello, Anna. I found your perspectives on public interest in genomic data to be very enilghtening. They also reflect our values at ActX. If you have not heard of us, we are a clinically focused genomics company that does just what you are talking about. We are built directly into many major EHRs, and also have a patient portal. Our clinical decision support allows clinicians and patients to see their actionable genetic risks (certain cancer risks, metabolic diseases, drug-genome interactions, and carrier status). Best of all it’s not a PDF; our profiles automatically update as new information becomes accessible.

    As a company that shares your values for practical use in health care (in addition to the importance of ongoing research) I just wanted to make you aware that many of your concerns have been addressed in a program specifically designed for the physician workflow.

    If our team can provide you with any more insight on our product or how we are moving the industry forward, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m happy to facilitate a discussion about our shared goals.


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